Climate Action Alliance of the Valley (CAAV)

Our grassroots efforts have been keeping the climate conversation alive in Harrisonburg since 2008.


From showing up at rallies to promoting solar energy, CAAV volunteers continuously take a stand for climate change resilience in our community and beyond.


Support for climate-saavy legislators and legislation that reduces our use of fossil fuels is critical to our mission.

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Please join the Shenandoah Group of the Sierra Club and the Climate Action Alliance of the Valley on Thursday, September 17 from 7-8PM online to hear from Robert K. Musil, PhD, MPH, President and CEO of the Rachel Carson Council, about Organizing, Advocacy and Elections, and how it is related to the work at the Rachel Carson Council. Click here for registration information.

One Minute for Earth – Giving the Planet a Voice on November 3

CAAV is collaborating with Earth Day Every Day Harrisonburg to bring you encouragement and motivation to VOTE for Earth-friendly candidates in this fall’s election. Through a series of one minute videos made by your fellow community members, hear why your vote is so critical to the health of our planet. One Minute for Earth is hosted on Earth Day Every Day Harrisonburg’s Facebook page. Both live and recorded videos are being added continuously between August 17 and November 3. Check them out to get inspired to make your vote count!

Then head over to our resource page for information about how to vote and who’s in the running.

At their June 16, 2020, meeting, the steering committee of the Climate Action Alliance of the Valley voted unanimously in favor of supporting Black Lives Matter with this resolution:

Resolved that the Climate Action Alliance of the Valley stands in support of Black Lives Matter, that we support a redirection of tax dollars away from policies that enable police brutality, and toward policies that meet community needs and link environmental and social justice.

We asked, they answered! The 50by25 campaign, environmental justice concerns, recycling, transportation emissions and more are addressed by Harrisonburg’s five Democratic candidates for City Council. See their responses to questions CAAV submitted on issues impacting the environmental health of our city here.

We’ve updated this post to include responses from the two non-Democratic candidates running for Harrisonburg City Council this year. Find it here.

The 50 by 25 campaign is a call for the city to take action on climate change, increase renewable energy, and make home energy costs affordable through energy efficiency programs. Learn about it here. Sign the petition here.

Tom Benevento has an opinion piece in the February 28, 2020 edition of the Daily News-Record about the importance of this effort.



Check out all the solar installations counted so far in Harrisonburg for the 2019 Harrisonburg Solar Census. If you have solar, be counted!

Latest Posts

Climate and Energy News Roundup 9/18/2020

Politics and Policy While visiting California on Monday President Trump was briefed on the raging wildfires, during which he declined to acknowledge the role climate change likely played in fueling the flames, which greatly concerned some members of his party and reaffirmed a profound misunderstanding, or denial, of the way that greenhouse gases affect the …

Climate and Energy News Roundup 9/11/2020

Politics and Policy Many nations are using government spending to stimulate their economies in response to COVID-19.  Properly structured, such spending can also fight climate change, although the U.S. Senate has been unwilling to adopt such measures.  In a pair of articles, reporters addressed what is being done to assist both big cities and rural …

Climate and Energy News Roundup 9/4/2020

Politics and Policy In a letter Wednesday to the Commission on Presidential Debates, 70 House Democrats stressed that their constituents must hear from the candidates about how they plan to tackle climate change.  Joe Biden was unequivocal Monday in Pittsburgh: “I am not banning fracking.  Let me say that again.  I am not banning fracking. …

The Need for Action on Climate Change Is Urgent!

by Les Grady, Environmental Engineer, retired

earth as hourglass
Click on image for a printable trifold version of this page.

Driven mainly by carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions, Earth’s climate is changing.

  • Evidence from diverse sources confirms climate change.
    • Atmospheric temperature reconstructions show that current warming is unprecedented within the span of human civilization.
    • Oceans are warming.
    • Glaciers are melting.
    • Sea level is rising.
    • The Arctic ice cap is shrinking, the ice is thinning, and its nature is changing.
    • Although East Antarctic ice is increasing, West Antarctic ice is decreasing much faster.
    • Weather is getting more extreme.
    • Ecosystems are changing more rapidly.
  • Evidence for the role of CO2 as the main cause of climate change is very strong.
    • Earth’s temperature is stabilized and regulated by the greenhouse effect.
    • The major greenhouse gases (GHGs) are CO2 and water vapor.
    • Water vapor is responsible for 50% of the greenhouse effect, but its life in the atmosphere is short because it condenses as rain and snow. CO2 is directly responsible for 20% of the greenhouse effect, but its indirect effect is much larger. Because it does not condense, it stays in the atmosphere for a very long time, thereby influencing the water vapor content and regulating Earth’s temperature.  It is Earth’s thermostat.
    • The level of CO2 in the atmosphere is increasing because of the burning of fossil fuels (coal, oil, and natural gas).
    • Satellites show a reduction in outgoing (i.e., cooling) radiation leaving Earth at the wave-lengths associated with CO2 and other GHGs.
    • Land-based sensors show an increase in incoming (i.e., warming) radiation from CO2 and other GHGs consistent with their increased concentration in the atmosphere.

We must release less ­­each year to stabilize Earth’s climate.

Community Compost Drop-off Program

Compost your kitchen scraps at the downtown community Compost Drop-off bins! Drop-offs can be made anytime year round at the bins’ permanent spot on the edge of the gravel parking lot at S. Liberty and Warren Streets within sight of the Turner Pavilion and Municipal Building. See images below.


Drop off compostables here at your convenience.

Anyone is welcome to drop off kitchen scraps to these 65-gallon Black Bear Composting bins at anytime. Your compostables can be dumped directly from another container or placed in a paper bag, paper box (remove any plastic tape and/or plastic labels) or BPI-certified compostable “plastic” bag.

Compostable bags to line containers, for ease of collecting your scraps, are available at the bins site.