About Us

Based in Harrisonburg, VA, the Climate Action Alliance of the Valley (CAAV) is dedicated to climate change concerns. Our efforts extend from pressuring government officials at all levels to prioritize the reduction of fossil fuel production to maintaining a lively climate change discussion in the valley. Our grassroots organization recognizes climate change to be the foremost issue of our time.

CAAV Mission, Vision, and Goals Statements


The mission of the Climate Action Alliance of the Valley (CAAV) is to limit the impact of humans on Earth’s climate and minimize the effects of inevitable climate change in order to protect the future for Earth and its inhabitants.


The vision of CAAV is to create and nurture climate action in our Shenandoah Valley community so that we can become a regional leader in promoting climate change mitigation and resilience.


Goal 1: CAAV’s goal is to train and mobilize community members to engage in local and regional efforts that promote climate change mitigation and resilience.

Objectives for Goal 1:

      • To educate ourselves and others and demonstrate skills and strategies for reducing climate impacts and building climate resilience
      • To encourage and enable personal and societal transformation to minimize climate change impacts
      • To form alliances with other organizations with shared priorities on climate change mitigation and resilience

Goal 2: CAAV’s goal is to achieve policies and legislation that enable and advance the systemic changes required to promote climate stabilization and resilience.

Objectives for Goal 2:

      • To research the impacts of proposed policies and legislation on Earth’s climate and to communicate with legislators about those impacts
      • To influence the positions of political candidates and officials to advance climate policies and legislation
      • To inform the public and mobilize them to vote for decisive climate action

Founded in 2008 by Cathy Strickler, our Steering Committee of up to 18 members meets twice monthly. [Please note in-person meetings transitioned to Zoom during the COVID pandemic. Email the address below for our current meeting format.] Our standing committees are: Legislative and Elections (L & E), R &E Committee (Resilience & Education/Events), Coalition & Communication, and the Speakers’ Bureau. Anyone interested in climate change is invited to the meetings and to join the committees.

Please join us by emailing us at: contactcaav [at] gmail.com

Updated September 2019