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Find a link to the full size view of this graph by Michael Mann on the article page.
Find a link to the full size view of this graph by Michael Mann on the article page.

Earth Will Cross the Climate Danger Threshold by 2036

The rate of global temperature rise may have hit a plateau, but a climate crisis still looms in the near future

by Michael Mann, Scientific American, March 18, 2014


carbontrackerlogoStudy Finds Keystone XL Would Have Much Larger Impact Than State Department Suggests

by Kate Sheppard, Huffington Post, March 3, 2014


Cove Point, the Keystone XL pipeline close to home.

More about this at stopcovepoint.org and here:

james_hansen1-300x234Assessing “Dangerous Climate Change”: Required Reduction of Carbon Emissions to Protect Young People, Future Generations and Nature

by James Hansen and Pushker Karecha, Dec. 3, 2013


methane measurementStudy: U.S. spewing 50% more methane than EPA says

Much of that extra methane, also called natural gas, seems to be coming from livestock, including manure, belches, and flatulence, as well as leaks from refining and drilling for oil and gas, the study says. It was published … in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Science.    by Seth Borenstein, R&D News, November 26, 2013

RealClimate.org, Climate science from climate scientists, offers: Arctic and American Methane in Context posted on November 24, 2013 in response to several recent general audience media pieces about methane emissions.

Al GoreAl Gore goes vegan, with little fanfare

by Juliet Eilperin

The Washington Post

November 25, 2013

Joel Pett climate cartoon

Kumi NaidooKumi Naidoo on the Urgency of Climate Action 

The head of Greenpeace International Kumi Naidoo joins Moyers & Company to discuss the politics of global warming and the urgency of environmental activism.  September 27, 2013

“There is a good phrase in here to our politicians ‘Don’t Betray our Future.'” – Laura Dansby


CC apathyFed Up With Climate Change Apathy

Polls Show Americans Want Congress to Take Action on Global Warming

by Michael Shank, US News and World Report,

September 19, 2013


Portraits of Naomi KleinNaomi Klein: Green groups may be more damaging than climate change deniers

The “No Logo” author explains how environmentalists may be more damaging to their cause than climate change deniers

By Jason Mark, Salon, September 5, 2013


Bill McKibbenIs the Keystone XL Pipeline the ‘Stonewall’ of the Climate Movement?

A few weeks ago, Time Magazine called the fight over the Keystone XL pipeline that will bring some of the dirtiest energy on the planet from Alberta, Canada, to the U.S. Gulf Coast the “Selma and Stonewall” of the climate movement. …

by Bill McKibben, Nation of Change, April 8, 2013



National Journal article videoThe Scary Truth About How Much Climate Change is Costing You

While policymakers fiddle, the threat of economic harm posed by rising sea levels, devastating storms, and drought is growing every day.              By Coral Davenport, February 2013, National Journal


John Holdren's talk“On 13 December 2012 Dr. John P. Holdren, Assistant to President Obama for Science and Technology, and Director of the White House Office of Science and Technology Policy, delivered the Grantham Annual Lecture for 2012 – Coping with Climate Change: Issues in Science, Policy, and Communication”

This is a clear, graphic presentation on the science behind “global climate disruption.” Charlie and Cathy met John Holdren late last year and were assured “that climate disruption was on the top of Obama’s list.”


Joni's article photoClimate Science as Culture War

The public debate around climate change is no longer about science—it’s about values, culture, and ideology. By Andrew Hoffman fall 2012, The Stanford Social Innovation Review


Resilience Meets Disaster Economics

Investing to stop disasters before they start can save lives and money.                              By Neal Keny-Guyer Feb. 6, 2013, The Stanford Social Innovation Review


 Alia Shawkat, who co-stars as Maeby in the popular television show Arrested Development, stars in a new video released … by Greenpeace which explains how a plan to ship coal to Asia via the Pacific Northwest will destroy communities and could send us over a climate cliff. – Nation of Change, Feb. 7, 2013


prehistoric shorelinesTemperature Rising  How High Could the Tide Go?

“…scientists have determined that when the earth warms by only a couple of degrees Fahrenheit, enough polar ice melts, over time, to raise the global sea level by about 25 to 30 feet. But in the coming century, the earth is expected to warm more than that, perhaps four or five degrees, because of human emissions of greenhouse gases.”  – by Justin Gillis, The New York Times, Jan. 21

Al Gore on PBS NewsHour

January, 2013  Former Vice President Al Gore talks to NewsHour about climate change and how U.S. policy needs to evolve to confront the crisis.

The public is lulled into an acceptance of going along with this policy of using the atmosphere as an open sewer.


Bill Moyers show informationAnthony Leiserowitz of the Yale Project on Climate Change Communication articulately describe’s the current state of the Climate Change issue. Among his insights: “Approximately 40% or 1.9 billion worldwide are unaware of climate change. Often the most vulnerable.”

Bill Moyers and Climate Silence

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