One Minute for Earth

Give Our Planet a Voice on November 3

Welcome to this page, a compact place for preparing to vote. You will find links about voting in Virginia. Also, links to candidates and issues on the ballots in the region of these counties: Rockingham, Augusta and Shenandoah. We respect your right to vote and elect leaders who will put us on the path you believe is best. Our organizations are non-partisan. We are providing official information, knowing that you are capable of finding candidate views and making your own decisions.

Thank you for taking your vote seriously,

Earth Day Every Day of Harrisonburg VA
Climate Action Alliance of the Valley
Co-sponsors of “One Minute for Earth


For instructions on the VA voting procedures, go to VA’s Department of Elections Citizen Portal–

These sites provide details about registering and voting–

These sites explain the several ways you can vote absentee and the applicable voting calendar and deadlines for the November 3, 2020 election–

This site describes and explains the VA Nov 3, 2020 ballot–

Important dates and deadlines:

ActionBy When
Early VotingSeptember 18 – October 31 (45 days before Election Day; hours can vary by jurisdiction)
Register to Vote in Person October 13 (22 days before Election)
Register to Vote by MailOctober 13 (22 days before Election; must be postmarked by this date)
Register to Vote OnlineOctober 13 (22 days before Election)
Request Ballot by MailOctober 23 (local official must receive by 5 pm)
Apply in Person for Absentee Ballot October 31 (must complete application at General Registrar’s office)
Vote in Person on Election DayNovember 3


For information about 2020 VA Constitutional Amendments, go to–

There are two amendments on the ballot–

Additional references for each amendment–

  1. VA Redistricting:
  2. VA Motor Vehicle Property Tax Exemption for Disabled Veterans:


Federal and State Candidates—

This site provides a spreadsheet with information about the Qualified VA US Senate and VA House of Delegates candidates on the ballot:

United States President and Vice President Candidates:
Donald Trump and Mike Pence

Joe Biden and Kamala Harris

Howie Hawkins and Angela Walker,_2020

Jo Jorgensen and Jeremy “Spike” Cohen,_2020

Kanye West and Michelle Tidball


VA US Senate Candidates—
Mark Warner:

Daniel Gade:

VA US House of Representatives 6th District Candidates–
Ben Cline:

Nick Betts:


VA Local Elections (Voting Information and City Council Candidates)—
This site offers what may be an incomplete list of VA Elections 2020:,_2020

The following lists and links refer to as many Central Shenandoah Valley Local Elections as we could Identify, as of August 21, 2020 (We will update this page as we locate additional information)—

Augusta County Area

Augusta County

Town of Craigsville,_Virginia

Town of Grottoes (partial),_Virginia


City of Harrisonburg

Harrisonburg’s The Citizen published this voters’ guide for Harrisonburg citizens, by Sky Wilson, on September 3, 2020: Have questions about absentee ballots? Not sure who’s running locally in the November election? Here’s what you need to know.

Harrisonburg City Council candidates

Laura Dent:

Charles Hendricks:

George Hirschmann:

Kathleen Kelley:

Deanna Reed:

Page County Area

Page County (special election for school board)

Town of Luray

Town of Shenandoah

Town of Stanley (special election for town council)

Rockingham County Area

Rockingham County (special election for Board of Supervisors; local ballot available in September)

Town of Bridgewater,_Virginia

Town of Broadway

Town of Dayton (special election for Town Council; local ballot available in September)

Town of Elkton,_Virginia

Town of Grottoes (partial),_Virginia

Town of Mount Crawford,_Virginia

Town of Timberville,_Virginia

Shenandoah County Area

Shenandoah County

Town of Edinburg

Town of Mount Jackson

Town of New Market

Town of Strasburg

Town of Toms Brook

Town of Woodstock

Staunton and Waynesboro (no local candidates)

City of Staunton

City of Waynesboro