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Finding Steady Ground

There are 7 behaviors we can use right away to strengthen ourselves, so we can keep taking more and more powerful and strategic actions.

The 5th suggestion we will work on this month is: I will be aware of myself as one who creates.


The goal of injustice is to breed passivity — to make us believe that things happen to us, events happen to us, policies happen to us. To counteract this, we need to stay in touch with our sense of personal power. One goal is to see ourselves as people who create, whether it’s cooking a meal, organizing a dazzling dramatic action, knitting a hat, making a sign, or playing the piano. We are more than consumers, and our humanity must be affirmed.

Since this is about personal creativity, we need your art, poetry, articles, letters to the editor, photography, knitted pussy hats or brain caps! We’ll post them on our webpage and on fb if you give permission (can be anonymous too.)

Write: apocaloptimists [at], jonigrad [at] or contactcaav [at]

We’ll start with a link to Doug Hendren’s Musical Scalpel where you can hear what he’s written and see the lyrics.



A local quilter, Beryl Lawson created this homage to wind power using hand-dyed fabric.


I’ve been trying to turn climate change into weavings—here are a couple:


A tapestry that shows the jet stream on one of its increasingly wild loops around the pole a couple of years ago.


Place mats showing sea level rise over time.


Bill McKibben:

Therefore it falls to those of us alive now to watch and record its flora, its fauna, its rains, its snow, its ice, its peoples. To document the buzzing, glorious, cruel, mysterious planet we were born onto, before in our carelessness we leave it far less sweet.

Eleanor Mills of Durham NC is a master at this.




Follow these links to learn more about organizations dedicated to exploring the intersection of arts & climate change.

Whatever you’ve been doing, we’d like to know about it.


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