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Collecting organics for the Market Compost Drop-off

catlitterpailcompostcollector2.300The Drop-off program offers 3 gallon and 13 gallon sized compostable bags for your convenience. The 13 gallon sized bags can comfortably line a 5 gallon bucket. The 3 gallon bags can comfortably line a one-two gallon container.

Besides using a compostable “plastic” bag to line a bucket, bin or box for collecting kitchen scraps, a suitable container may also be lined with a paper bag or newspaper (can be anchored with a rubber band around the top edge of the bucket). Bring the whole container to the market to empty its contents into the drop-off bin. Using an unlined bin is fine too, just a bit messier.

Compostable “plastic” bags are designed to break down. When they get wet or damp from added scraps, it is best to assume the bags will leak. You’ll want to transport full bags in a rigid, waterproof container or sturdy plastic bag which can then be rinsed if need be.

If your kitchen compost collection is starting to smell before you are able to get it to the drop-off bins, consider storing it in a freezer.

If you are unsure if an item is compostable, leave it out until you find out by emailing hburgcomposts [at]

A selection of compostable, BPI-certified serviceware can be purchased locally at the Friendly City Food Co-op.

“If it grows, it goes. When in doubt, keep it out.”