Harrisonburg’s Got Solar Power

sun with muscles

Find your way among the many solar installations in Harrisonburg. Get inspired to find the best fit for solar energy in your life. Solarize Harrisonburg recently offered a great opportunity to buy affordable photovoltaic solar through bulk purchasing for homes and businesses throughout the Harrisonburg area. Stay tuned for Solarize Hburg II!

Let us know about other solar projects that we can put on this map!


comparative energies
Comparing finite and renewable energy reserves in Terawatt-years.
Total recoverable reserves are shown for the finite resources. Yearly potential is shown for the renewables.
source: Perez, R. and M. Perez, (2009a): A fundamental look at energy reserves for the planet. The IEA SHC Solar Update, Volume 50, pp. 2-3, April 2009

Increasing concentrations of atmospheric carbon are killing life as we know it on earth. Solar energy is a readily available alternative to carbon polluting fossil fuels. We can channel the sun’s energy for our needs through photovoltaics, solar thermal and passive solar means.

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