Compost Art

Artist Erin Murray with the painting she created for the Compost Drop-off site: A No Waste World. Erin and her original work were featured at the work’s dedication event on August 17, 2019, during the Saturday morning Harrisonburg Farmers Market.

A No Waste World

Deer with kitchen scraps? Bears with a compost pile?

There is no waste in the natural world. Everything gets reused to support new life, and that is the inspiration for this whimsical look at wildlife composting by Harrisonburg artist Erin Murray.

We can learn from the natural world and use nature to recycle nutrients through composting. Whether with a backyard compost bin or a community compost drop-off program, composting makes our world richer.

The Arts Council of the Valley provided funding through an Advancing the Arts grant for Erin Murray to create the artwork that is featured at the Compost Drop-off bins’ site. In August 2019, the work was dedicated “to all composting efforts in Harrisonburg,” with a celebration of composting during a Saturday Farmers Market. The original work, acrylic on wood, will be rotating around public venues, while the print on aluminum stays permanently installed at the bins’ site off Warren St.

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Like our wildlife, we can work toward a No Waste World!