CAAV’s Virtual Booth International Fest 2020

Thanks for stopping by the virtual booth of the Climate Action Alliance of the Valley for Harrisonburg’s International Festival 2020!

Carrie Waits, chair of our C.R.E.A.M. committee, has videotaped an official welcome for you. Please click on the image below to get to her video.

Luciano Benjamin. member of the CAAV steering committee, has this greeting for you in Spanish! Click on the image below to find his video on YouTube.

¡Luciano Benjamin, miembro del comité directivo de CAAV, está aquí para darle la bienvenida en español! Haga clic en la imagen de abajo para encontrar su video en YouTube.

A Film Series For You!

CAAV steering committee member (and organization founder), Cathy Strickler, recently made us aware of a series of short videos on, with a common theme of Sustainable Thinking. We feel they have a lot to offer and are worth sharing with you.

CAAV Steering Committee member Lynn Smith has picked ones she feels are most impactful to list here. The entire library of 32 videos in this series, and more “playlists”, are all accessible through each of the links provided below. We hope you find one or two that are meaningful to you to take away from here!

Imagining a world without fossil fuels
In this newtopia, former UN climate chief Christiana Figueres outlines her vision of a world that’s entirely free of fossil fuels, and instead fueled by forces of nature. Animated. 2min 42sec

The problem with plastic: A 10-year-old’s take
Perspectives of children. What matters most to children? One big issue for these primary school kids is plastic. Adults take note! Their future depends on it. 2min 33sec

Climate change: The ‘grand challenge’ of our generation
British and world perspective, urges individuals to lobby companies on climate issues via social media. Especially for high school and college students. 3min 40sec

Is it time to reassess our relationship with nature?
Western societies tend to see nature and humanity as separate. But are there other ways of relating to the natural world? Pachamama & more.
Animated. 4 min 37 sec

Do we need to rethink our ideas of time?
International views. Can we actually shift from short term to long term thinking regarding effects of humans on Earth health? 5 min

How to build an igloo (when the climate Is changing)
Climate change means the Greenland ice sheet is melting at a phenomenal rate, but hunter Julius Nielsen is still able to build an igloo. 4 min 29 sec

What if everyone in the world planted a tree?
Trees and carbon capture in the fight against climate change. So what would happen if everyone in the world planted a tree? What is needed to make a really substantial difference to the environment? 2min 48sec

‘Climate change need not become the legacy we leave’
A climate future poem by young spoken word poet Magero reflects on our personal responsibility to the planet. 2min 59sec

Can we transform the world in 12 years?
Scientists say we have 12 years to stop the planet warming above 1.5C. Can we do this daunting work? The many examples of planning and carrying out of rapid change over recent human history in this video show that we can. 4min 50sec

What if the whole world went vegan?
What if the whole word went vegan? What impact would it have in terms of climate change, wasted resources, the environment, and health benefits of a plant based diet for people?We could change the world. 2min 43sec

Thanks again for stopping by! Enjoy the rest of the Fest!