Climate Action Alliance of the Valley (CAAV) Policy on Indicating Membership in CAAV within Communications with Publications and Politicians

opinion-page-of-newspaper-503227-mAlthough the purpose of CAAV is to educate the public and our politicians about the causes and consequences of human-caused climate change and to work toward its mitigation, our membership comprises anyone on our email list, regardless of his/her belief in anthropogenic climate change or the policy decisions necessary for its mitigation.  Consequently, a variety of viewpoints doubtless exists within the membership about both climate change and the required policy solutions.  Therefore, the CAAV Steering Committee requests that no one list their membership in CAAV in Letters to the Editor, Op-Ed essays, or other communications with newspapers, newsletters, magazines, blogs, etc., regardless of their means of dissemination, or in letters to politicians or other government officials, without the express permission of the Steering Committee.  Furthermore, letters may be written on CAAV letterhead stationery only for official CAAV purposes and with the permission of the CAAV Steering Committee.

Adopted May 5, 2015.

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