Climate and Energy News Roundup 11/21/2021

This edition offers articles and perspectives from sources and voices other than “mainstream media”.  So, no articles from the New York Times, Washington Post, and The Guardian!  It’s not that they didn’t produce volumes of good reporting and opinions, especially about COP26. But we’ll learn about COP26, Eco Right views, and our usual subjects from a plethora of other entities who take these subjects very seriously.


Many, many articles about this much anticipated but arguably so far disappointing UN conference being held in Glasgow Scotland.  Here’s a potpourri covering some of the many aspects:

The Eco Right

There are a number of groups and individuals—self‑described conservatives—who acknowledge the need for climate action.  Here is a sampling of some recent articles and links:

  • Courtesy of and American Conservation Coalition, which offered the following in their recent email newsletters….
  • Three Republican Senators propose a climate plan that strives to reduce global emissions 40 percent by 2050.
  • Former member and FERC chair Neil Chatterjee supports a carbon dividends policy as one market-based solution.
  • Canadian PM Trudeau urged all countries to agree to some sort of global price on carbon.… “Not only will that encourage innovation, it will give that clear price signal to the private sector that making the right capital investments to transform to lower emissions makes sense …” he said. The American Petroleum Institute says it endorses a “carbon pricing model.”
  • The Global Methane Pledge at COP26, which, if honored, would reduce warming by at least 0.2C by 2050, EU and US leaders say. Methane is the second most important greenhouse gas warming the planet, after carbon dioxide…, produced when countries burn oil, coal and natural gas for energy.
  • GOP COP26 delegation leader Rep. John Curtis told Inside Climate News that COP followers should watch for his coalition to “talk about U.S. innovation—nuclear, carbon sequestration, hydrogen, those types of things, and ways that we can support the president, such as holding China and Russia accountable. We’ll be looking for those opportunities to show that we are sincere about this and we really would like to work with our Democratic colleagues.”  Green Market Revolution touted an “International Declaration on Market Environmentalism” signed by 130 companies and governments.
  • Just prior to the COP, former California Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger called out those who cite job loss as a reason not to implement climate policies, noting California has experienced “an increase in job creation since 1990, about 35 percent in [the] green sector….  It shows you … can protect the environment and … the economy at the same time.”
  • This segment from CNN delves into the history on climate science denialism and features [RepublicEn founder Bob Inglis talking about how to depolarize the issue.  Mr. Inglis also said “It’s Time for America to Embrace Carbon Border Adjustments.
  • A freshman Republican Congressman wants to restore the numbers of his party’s members in the “depleted” House climate caucus.
  • The Audubon Society talked with several folks about what sort of climate action they favor.

Events, News, and Opinions


  • A UK company developed a new prototype for EV buses that will be cheaper than diesel-powered ones.
  • “Weslee Andrews, entrepreneur and philanthropist …, recently announced an exciting new endeavor of the launch of a micro-electric car model within the Europe and UK areas.”
  • “In major shift, IEA World Energy Outlook mainstreams 1.5°C pathway, showing need to end oil, gas, and coal expansion.”  IEA is the International Energy Agency.  The same outlet, Oil Change International also produced this report:  “New Report: Emissions from Proposed U.S. Fossil Fuel Projects Equivalent to Doubling U.S. Coal Plants if Biden Approves Construction.”
  • This working paper by the International Monetary Fund is wonky, but the conclusion is clear:  The world is “Still Not Getting Energy Prices Right.”


(Some of) The States–





West Virginia/Appalachia/Ohio River Valley

  • WV Public Radio said coal’s recent rebound may not last.
  • A WV coal plant’s intent to remain operating could benefit one of its Senators.
  • The Charleston Gazette‑Mail ran a story, “West Virginia at risk for greater climate change costs with Manchin holding out on spending plan.”
  • The Black Appalachian Coalition wants to ensure black voices are heard on energy and other issues.
  • A recent report by “regional and national clean energy advocacy groups … makes the case that fully remediating coal ash disposal sites would create more jobs and protect communities as more coal plants close in the region….”

New York

Sierra Club applauded the decision to deny permits for two fracked gas plants.


Activists said no to coal ash being put in Memphis’ landfill.

Ideas, Events, Entertainment and Information

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