July News Roundup

First edition of a new Climate Action Alliance of the Valley Roundup of environmental and energy news! It follows the Weekly Roundup that Les Grady provided for many years; CAAV is so grateful for his efforts.

We plan to publish monthly and will try different approaches. We’d appreciate your feedback. Write us at contactcaav@gmail.com.

Find this July 2021 edition and future monthlies here. Read our monthly summary of Virginia Energy and Environmental news that the Harrisonburg Citizen publishes on its Perspectives page. CAAV is grateful to the Citizen’s editors for providing this community service and also to the Augusta Free Press editor for publishing our weekly Roundup and this new monthly.

Political, Legal, Policy


Legislation and Litigation

Administration, regulations, analyses, solutions

Wonk alert!

Visions (Realities?) of the future

  • Many climate-related events and results are leading people to re-evaluate whether and how they can remain in their homes and communities. Affected groups include Native Americans.
  • Some cities are examining what and how they’ll be in 2040 (Harrisonburg); others are thinking about 2121.

Our Changing Climate

Heat and fires

Drought, flooding, hurricanes, sea ice loss, sea level rise

Plastics, chemicals, and waste

Plants, animals, and wild places


Renewables, biomass, and nuclear


Fossil fuels

We’re far from done with pipelines and maybe not coal either. This week’s stories told of …

Utilities and electric grid

  • A MI utility wants to meet its carbon reduction goals but plans to replace its coal‑fueled plants with those run on natural gas.
  • CA wants to test renewable energy and storage and grid capacity, without natural gas.
  • Utilities, the financial sector, and industrial energy customers agree that “transitioning away from coal is good for ratepayers.”
  • Wonk alert: RMI provides its “Utility Transition HubTM Insights” that foster understanding of what’s ahead for utilities and their customers.

Ideas, Entertainment and Information

Joy Loving

CAAV Steering Committee