CAAV Mourns Loss of CST to the Pandemic

On the announcement of our downtown Court Square Theater’s need to close as of July 1, 2020, CAAV steering committee member Joni Grady let the Arts Council of the Valley know how important it has been to the work of our organization. Excerpted from Joni’s letter:

“The news of Court Square Theater (CST) closing has shocked Les and me, as it has the Climate Action Alliance of the Valley (CAAV), the Rockingham Ballet Theater (RBT), and many others. We feel as though the heart has been ripped out of the area, not just downtown Harrisonburg. CST has been so much more than just a performing arts space, although that, of course, is extremely important. It has been a space where organizations of all sizes can draw in the public in support of their causes. For example, the support CST has provided for CAAV and the whole environmental movement of the Valley is irreplaceable. This has ranged from fundraisers like the one CAAV held in January 2014 in support of the Great March for Climate Action participant Jerry Stewart that raised $2340.00 to Wild Virginia’s annual film fests and all the films and activities CAAV has put on or co-sponsored at CST over the past 12 years.”

Thank you CST and especially CST manager Mark Finks for being there for us all these years! We’ll hope you’ll be back soon.

CAAV and allies fundraiser for Jerry Stewart’s cross country Great March for Climate Action was held at Court Square Theater in January 2014. This venue has been integral to CAAV outreach efforts for many years. Photo credit: Valerie Serrels.