CAAV’s Climate Voter Series: City Council Platforms

As part of our continuing Climate Voter promotion series, CAAV presents the following posts about the five candidates for Harrisonburg City Council’s Democratic Caucus closing May 16, 2020. Each post provides a short description of each candidate followed by their responses to a brief questionnaire CAAV prepared to better understand their positions on local climate change-related issues.

Please note, this series is intended to inform Harrisonburg residents about the platforms of all candidates and is not intended to be an endorsement of any particular candidate.

Click on a candidate’s name below to find their answers to the CAAV questions:

Richard Baugh

Luciano Benjamin

Laura Dent

Charles Hendricks

Deanna Reed

Update after the Democratic Caucus: Deanna Reed, Charles Hendricks, and Laura Dent will be on the November 3, 2020, ballot for Harrisonburg City Council.

As of the filing deadline, two non-Democratic candidates have announced their intention to run for Harrisonburg City Council. CAAV has asked them likewise to respond to its questionnaire.



George Hirschmann

Kathleen Kelley


The Citizen and the James Madison Center for Civic Engagement hosted a Virtual Town Hall with the 2020 Harrisonburg City Council Candidates on April 28. Find the YouTube video here.