Harrisonburg Climate Strike Pt. 2

Calling all CAAVers!!

Please see the information below for details and come to Court Square tomorrow, Friday.  You can also join the JMU students on the Quad at 11:30 and march with them to Court Square.

The strike event last Friday was great.  The community really turned out.  Hopefully we can repeat and better our success.  If you believe the world has a climate crisis, please make your concerns known by showing up.  And, please spread the word.

Here’s what the organizers have told us:

The Global Climate Strike Young people have woken up much of the world with their powerful Fridays for Future school strikes for the climate. As we deal with devastating climate breakdown and hurtle towards dangerous tipping points, young people are calling on millions of us across the planet to disrupt business as usual by joining the global climate strikes on September 20, just ahead of a UN emergency climate summit, and again on September 27. Together, we will sound the alarm and show our politicians that business as usual is no longer an option. The climate crisis won’t wait, so neither will we.

James Madison University 50 by 25 Clean Energy Call to Action

  • We are in a climate emergency.
  • We are all affected, but the poor are hurt first and worst.
  • We all need clean energy, clean air, and clean water.
  • We must act now.

The Demands of the James Madison University Students

  1. We ask the JMU Administration to:Adopt a solar and wind energy requirement of 50% by 2025 and 100% by 2040.
  2. Place a moratorium on all future construction of parking decks and parking lots associated with the school.
  3. Divert a student-agreed upon amount of funding from the JMU comprehensive fee to green initiatives on campus, without raising said fee.

The Official September 27th Harrisonburg Climate Strike Order of Events


11:30 AM-Meet at the Quad

• Sign building materials for students/faculty to make signs or grab a sign/poster/drop cloth to hold.

12:00 PM- JMU Student and Faculty* Speeches


12:30 PM- Begin our march to Court Square.

1:00 PM- Convene at Court Square with Harrisonburg High School, EMU, and all other communities, organizations, and individuals wishing to participate.

1:10 PM- Court Square Order of Events

• Welcome Speech: Nidhi Vinod (Renew Rocktown)
• Student Speech: Spencer Spears (HHS Student)
• Student Speech: Wade Banks (EMU Student)
• Student Speech: Silas Benevento (HHS Student)
• Labor Speech: Michael Snell-Feikema (Occupy HBurg)
• Faith Communities Speech: Pastor Lauren Eanes (Muhlenberg Lutheran Church)
• Closing Remarks
Speeches should not take more than five minutes apiece. A brief amount of time will be given between speeches, to allow each speaker to prepare.

2:00 PM Official Event will end at this time