Climate Change and Climate Science: The Ghost of Christmas Future


The speaker series “Democracy in Peril?” is pleased to announce our next session: “Climate Change and Climate Science: The Ghost of Christmas Future.” The presentation, given by Dr. Leslie Grady, Professor Emeritus in Environmental Engineering at Clemson University, will take place on Monday, February 11 from 5-6:30PM in Madison Hall Conference Room (Room 1001) at James Madison University.

For years, climate scientists have warned about the dangers of man-made global warming. Yet just as the Ghost of Christmas Future showed Scrooge what may happen depending on how he acted, climate science provides us with glimpses of possible futures that depend on how we respond. Some future warming is inevitable because of accumulated greenhouse gases, but its severity and impact on precipitation, drought, agriculture, and sea level will depend on how quickly industrial nations adopt renewable energy sources and how generously they assist developing nations in doing so as well. Dr. Leslie Grady, an environmental engineer and Professor Emeritus from Clemson University, will discuss what many have called the most difficult challenge ever faced by humankind, one that puts democracy itself in danger. An open discussion with audience members will follow the presentation.

The Democracy in Peril series is co-sponsored by the History Department, the Office of Faculty Access and Inclusion, the Lifelong Learning Institute, the James Madison Center for Civic Engagement, the College of Arts and Letters, and the Center for Global Engagement. This session is also co-sponsored by the JMU’s Office of the President.