To stop this climate lawsuit, get behind a price for carbon

The Washington Post
Letters to the Editor | Opinion
March 11, 2018

If the Trump administration wishes to stop a lawsuit by children and teenagers, all it needs to do is get behind a price on carbon [“Trump fails to halt 21 youths’ climate suit,” news, March 8]. There are several excellent proposals that most citizens would support. Similar proposals by the Citizens’ Climate Lobby and by a group that includes James A. Baker III and George P. Shultz could make great progress toward reducing our carbon footprint and be a beginning bipartisan solution to climate change.

Having fasted in front of the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission several years ago with one of the young people involved in the federal climate-change lawsuits, I am thrilled to see young people coming forth on issues that involve their future.

Charles Strickler, Harrisonburg, Va.

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