Why We March For The Climate

Daily News-Record (Harrisonburg, VA) – April 28, 2017

The Peoples Climate March this Saturday in Washington, D.C., will include a large delegation from the Valley, and there are as many reasons we’re going as there are marchers. There will be Democrats and Republicans, environmentalists and entrepreneurs, alarmists and optimists. Many have studied the science and the evidence and find them absolutely compelling, while others still have some uncertainty but love the idea of saving money with solar energy.

Some are going because they like to ski and winter is much milder now, or because they’re farmers and orchardists and the growing season has become wildly uncertain. Some may come from coal mining families but dream of joining the 100,000 wind energy employees now working in the U.S.

I, and many more, will march for our children and grandchildren and the ecosystem we all depend on, knowing, fearing, that whatever happens will happen to all of us, believers and deniers alike.

Joni Grady

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