6th District Congressional Candidates Survey


The Climate Action Alliance of the Valley sent a survey drafted by the Elders Climate Action to the two candidates running for the U.S. House of Representatives from Virginia’s 6th District.


Candidate Name: Bob Goodlatte,  House District 6
(League of Conservation Voters national environmental lifetime score 7%)

Candidate Name: Kai Degner,   House District 6

  1. I agree that climate change is underway, driven by emissions of greenhouse gases caused by humans:

Strongly Agree Somewhat Agree  Somewhat Disagree Strongly Disagree

Climate change is an urgent threat and a defining challenge of our time: 15 of the 16 hottest years on record occurred this century – and July 2016 was the hottest month ever recorded.  Cities like Norfolk are threatened by rising seas, and we must lead with rapid climate solutions.

  1. I agree that climate change today can take the form of severe weather events, agricultural disruptions, drought, spread of disease; and in the future poses far greater threats to our grandchildren and great grandchildren in the form of catastrophic sea level rise, climate refugees, economic disruption, and large scale disruption of food supplies in our oceans and agricultural areas.

Strongly Agree  Somewhat Agree  Somewhat Disagree  Strongly Disagree

We must respond to military leaders’, businesses’, and scientists’ warning that climate change and carbon are threats to national security, the economy, and the future. 

  1. If elected, I will support legislation and policies to encourage a rapid transition to clean energy and ensure that most fossil fuel reserves stay in the ground.

Strongly Agree Somewhat Agree  Somewhat Disagree  Strongly Disagree

We must make a switch to green energy in a manner that protects jobs and communities reliant on generations of fossil fuel production.  The United States can benefit from wind, solar, and renewable hydro and bio-energy.  With a national emphasis on clean energy and job creation, we can create jobs while reducing pollution.

  1. If elected, I will support legislation to place a revenue neutral, steadily rising fee on carbon, with the proceeds fully refunded to citizens.

Strongly Agree  Somewhat Agree  Somewhat Disagree  Strongly Disagree

While I support limiting carbon, the policy framework may need to include greater detail than a transfer of fees and dividends from one user group to another and must be done with environmental justice, economic opportunity, and carbon emission reduction strategic planning that can achieve real effect. Carbon fee and dividend is just one considered method and there are many other methods that could also be significant steps.  We have an obligation to mitigate the impact of the by-products of chemicals, waste, and carbon from our consumerist society.  Harvesting the Earth’s resources without a view to the future risks community health, long-term jobs, and economic vitality.

More information about the Elders Climate Action and their Candidates Climate Project here.


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