Kai Degner

Kai with pink slips for Bob Goodlatte

Kai Degner came to the September 20 CAAV steering committee meeting to say that he has “nothing to lose, so I can tell it how it is.” He’s running a hard race for the 6th district congressional seat against incumbent (24 years) Bob Goodlatte. If you are a “climate voter” you will want to know where Degner stands.

First, Kai is a friend of earth’s systems.  He knows the importance of clean air, water, healthy soil and food.  He also knows the truth and the science behind climate change, and wants to help meet that challenge, that big challenge before all of us.

Kai Degner is deeply invested in community building.  And he encourages all of us to share our thoughts about how to make things better for each of us, and for the next generation.  His community forums…he calls them “summits”… are venues to build bridges between various groups and individuals, eliciting ideas and solutions.  “As part of my campaign, I am hosting 5 citizen assemblies designed for us to discuss becoming a more perfect union, just as our Constitution calls for.”  The first, in Harrisonburg August 27 addressed all those issues that make the headlines:  gun violence, police and community relations, drug abuse, mental illness and incarceration, more.  Read online about the results of that summit, and make it to the next one:

“Preserving America the Beautiful,” Saturday, Oct. 1 in Waynesboro, 9:30AM-2:00PM at Best Western Waynesboro Inn & Suites Conference Center, 109 Apple Tree Lane.  There is no charge for the summit, but you are encouraged to register at his online site.  Farm and food issues, sustainability, pipelines and fracking, climate change, solar and wind energy, transportation and fuels, national parks and forests, wilderness protection. Sounds great?  I’m sure it will be.  See you there!

His website with more details on where he stands on many issues can be found at www.KaiForCongress.com

CAAV has been attempting for eight years to deliver our message to Mr. Goodlatte. It is rare that we even see him. He was invited recently to speak to the CAAV steering committee, but did not respond to the invitation. In spite of the dramatic increase in climate change already underway, when asked about support for renewable energy during a recent phone-in Town Hall, Mr. Goodlatte said that it would be a waste of money that should be spent only on adaptation.

– Anne Nielsen, CAAV Coalition Building Committee with Joni Grady, CAAV Events and Education Committee

Each month, the CAAV Coalition Building Committee invites a community member or group to present to the CAAV steering committee about projects with which they are involved. We are grateful to be working with so many other groups and individuals passionate about creating a more resilient, healthy and just world.

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