Louisiana Flooding Shows Need To Act On Climate

Daily News-Record, August 24, 2016

The recent article about the Louisiana floods in the Daily News-Record quotes Anthony Cox: “It was an absolute act of God” (“Thousands Hunker Down After La. Floods,” Aug. 16) Yes, it was, in the sense that Louisiana has always been at risk of flooding. But, as climate scientist Katherine Hayhoe told The Washington Post, “climate change is exacerbating that risk…” In other words, we are also responsible.

Cox also said, “We’re talking about places that have literally never flooded before.” That is the problem. As Hayhoe also said, “When climate is changing, relying on the past to predict the future will give us the wrong answer.” We are now seeing the effects of our past CO2 emissions. Reducing, and ultimately eliminating, future emissions will reduce those effects. Rep. Bob Goodlatte, R-6th, has said that rather than spend money on reducing emissions, we should just adapt. Studies have shown that will cost more. It will also be more painful.

Leslie Grady Jr., Harrisonburg

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