Jenny French, president of SunRunr of Virginia, Inc.

Have you ever had the experience of using a generator, perhaps when the power went out at home?  It is horrible in just about every way except for getting the lights back on.  Noisy, you can wake up the neighborhood; polluting, must be used outdoors, don’t even think about pulling it into the garage.   And be sure to keep gasoline on hand and remember to change the oil now and then—because if you don’t, the lights are not coming on.

Now consider instead that you are using a generator whose only sounds are those of a fan and controls clicking; that there are no fumes at all, and no gasoline, no oil required.  Sounds like a dream, doesn’t it?  Well, that’s what SunRunr, Inc. has come up with– A fairly compact system (160lbs) consisting of a pair of solar panels with a rechargeable battery and inverter that produces household electricity.  It can even be adapted to different currents for other countries, and is prewired to run on energy from wind and water, as well as sunshine.  It IS a dream system.

Jenny and Scott French, with the inventor, Alan Mattichak are the management team, and this home-grown company is good enough that they were the Virginia choice to be invited to the White House with just six companies from other states to show off new renewable energy technologies.  Jenny was seated next to President Obama.  That would really make me tongue-tied, I don’t know how she survived the experience.

Jenny and Scott put a unit in the back of a pickup truck and brought it to the June 21, 2016, CAAV steering committee meeting for us to see.  Check out our photos!

While they sell units as backup systems for many uses and as the central system for some remote areas, the most rapidly developing market appears to be in other parts of the world:  Africa, the Canary Islands, other places that I can’t find on a map.  You can go online to get lots of details and find your system at

– Anne Nielsen, CAAV Coalition Building Committee

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