Teshome Molalenge

Teshome Molalenge, Director of Bridgewater College’s Center for Sustainability, on left, spoke at the CAAV steering committee meeting on April 19, 2016. CAAV members Bishop Dansby and Alleyn Harned are on right.

The Climate Action Alliance of the Valley’s (CAAV) steering committee welcomed Teshome Molalenge to our meeting April 19. He is the first Director of the Bridgewater College Center for Sustainability, created in 2012. The good news is that he has already had the support of three college presidents, and outreach to faculty and the student body.  Stewardship and Sustainability are now a part of the strategic plan for the college and a part of its students’ experience and college actions across the campus. There is an annual “Water Day,” a focus on energy efficiency and conservation, recycling, a grant to work on implementing solar technology. On Earth Day there is an annual tree planting event. They are working toward installation of water bottle filling stations on the campus in order to reduce the use and discard of plastic water bottles, an effort begun by an individual student whose action resulted in financial support from both faculty and administration. The continuing actions of Mr. Molalenge and others have landed Bridgewater College on the national list of “Green Colleges in America.”

Eighty percent of undergraduate classes now incorporate sustainability issues. Dr. Bushman, the new President, is an enthusiastic supporter, and is pushing to extend the message into the surrounding community.

We at CAAV are glad to learn about all the efforts of Mr. Molalenge and cheer for him and his collaborators as they work to make Bridgewater College and its environs a truly earth-friendly, sustainable community.

– Anne Nielsen, CAAV Coalition Building Committee

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