Letter to Gov. McAuliffe


March 3, 2016

Dear Governor McAuliffe:

The organizations and individuals in the Harrisonburg-Rockingham area have signed this letter as an expression of support of a robust and timely compliance with the EPA Clean Power Plan.

We also strongly support going beyond the Plan with policies that incentivize and support the development of renewable energy, energy efficiency, sustainable agriculture, and environmental protection in the broader sense.

We oppose the continued expansion of fossil fuel infrastructure, as that will only delay
addressing climate change and creating a renewable future.

We are certain that such policies will benefit Virginia’s economy and quality of life, and that failure to do so will put Virginia’s future at risk.

Climate Action Alliance of the Valley
and 177 other signatures collected throughout March

300x224xApril-2-Day-of-Action-Cut-Carbon-Now-300x224This letter was prepared and circulated in support of the April 2, 2016, Virginia Day of Action to Cut Carbon organized by a coalition of regional environmental groups “… to call on Gov. McAuliffe to live up to his commitment to deliver to the people of Virginia a truly Clean Power Plan that cuts carbon pollution long-term and safeguards health and prosperity for generations to come.” – Appalachian Voices

Climate Action Alliance of the Valley (CAAV) members Laura and Bishop Dansby collected over 175 signatures on CAAV’s letter to Governor McAuliffe asking that he ensure Virginia’s Clean Power Plan (CPP) reduces carbon emissions and employs renewable energy. The letter, with its signatures (including the local chapter of the Sierra Club, Harrisonburg Rockingham Green Network, and the Voluntary Gas Tax group) carried a cover picture of attendees at the November “Postcard to Paris” event in Harrisonburg. Laura delivered the letter to Brian Moran, Secretary of VA Homeland Security (which includes resiliency and climate change), during the April 2 “Day of Action” Event in Fairfax: Working Faithfully With Our Leaders on Climate Solutions, at which Secretary Moran was a speaker, for delivery to the Governor. The cover picture showed the November event’s attendees displaying the large postcard asking the Governor not to forget Paris’ climate agreement. Read Bishop Dansby’s report of this event here.

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