Take the Bus to the Moral Action on Climate Justice Rally


From the Virginia Sierra Club:

Join Us for the Moral Action on Climate Justice Rally
Thursday, September 24, 2015
On the National Mall – Between 4th & 7th Streets, NW, Washington, DC

The Pope visits DC on Thursday, September 24, 2015, and hundreds of thousands are expected to come to DC to participate in the Moral March for Climate Justice. Buses will be leaving from Nelson County and Staunton. On this historic day, as Pope Francis addresses a joint session of Congress, we will gather in support of his call for urgent action to address the climate crisis and create a new future of economic equality, social justice, and environmental equity.

Pope Francis’s encyclical echoes what those in the Climate Justice Movement already know – climate justice is not about trying to solve an abstract climate problem. Climate justice is about local communities campaigning for rights and just outcomes in their communities- health, fair housing, positive economic opportunities, transportation, cultural preservation, food security, clean air, safe water, green energy, resiliency, and harmony between Man and Mother Earth. As Indigenous activist Clayton Thomas-Muller has stated, the climate justice movement is about: “Not simply demanding action on climate, but demanding rights-based and justice-based action on climate that … amplifies the voices of those least responsible and most directly impacted.”

Bus Routes:
• Route 1 will start in Staunton at 5:00 am with buses going up I-81, stopping at Harrisonburg
• Route 2 will start in Nelson County at 5:00 am with buses going up Route 29

We have reserved 4 buses. Please place your ticket order for the route that is most convenient to your location. Purchase tickets early please.
Link for ticket reservations: https://www.eventbrite.com/e/moral-action-for-climate-justice-rally-tickets-18280688030

Bus stop locations will be announced 1 week before departure.

For more information, contact Kirk Bowers, Sierra Club pipeline issues organizer: kirk.bowers[at]sierraclub.org

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