We Must Protect Our Children From Global Warming

Daily News-Record
August 28, 2015

babyAs I ate lunch in a restaurant, a 2-year-old and an infant were at a nearby table. Because an article in the Daily News-Record reported that July was the hottest month on record, I wondered what their lives will be like (“July Sets Record As Hottest Month Ever,” Aug. 21). How high will sea level rise? How will changing precipitation patterns influence agriculture? Where will people go when parts of our country become too hot to be hospitable?

Much has been made of the federal Clean Power Plan and the national commitment to cut CO2 emissions. Unfortunately, both are inadequate for keeping Earth’s temperature increase below 3.6 degrees, an increase too high to stop the ice from melting and sea level rising.

When will we take the hard steps necessary to cut our CO2 emissions drastically? Will it be soon enough to ensure a bright future for all children?

Leslie Grady Jr.

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