Climate News Roundup 8/13/15

There was so much news this week that I decided to release 2 roundups.  This is the 1st and I’ll send out the 2nd over the weekend.  These offerings are a mix of topics, and most of the news won’t make you cheerful.

Enjoy eating west coast and Alaskan salmon?  Well maybe not for long.

Last week we read about Alaska’s wildfires.  Here’s an opinion piece from someone who lives there.

Who knew wetlands did a lot more than harbor mosquitoes?

Does Katrina’s aftermath offer lessons for VA, given our sinking coast?

Here’s another NY times piece, this time an op-ed by Tom Friedman.  I received it from Former SC Congressman Bob Inglis’ Energy and Enterprise group.  The spokesman called it a “gem” and added “At the heart of his column, Friedman address accountability as a conservative concept as it relates to the gas tax and transportation bill. He took it a step further in addressing climate change by referencing out friends at the libertarian Niskanen Center.”

No doubt you’ve heard about subsidies for the fossil fuel industry.  Turns out they’re more than tax breaks.

Remember VA’s uranium mining moratorium?

And then there’s coal.

More on the EPA’s Clean Power Plan.

On a 2014 trip to the southwest, I saw one of the Navaho power plants discussed in this article.

Last week we had an article about the Great Barrier Reef.  Here’s one that might be a bit encouraging.

​On the other hand, here’s a scary one about carbon and the oceans.

​​Some of you know that CAAV members have more than a passing interest in solar energy.  We sponsored Solarize Harrisonburg in 2014; 68 area residents went solar.  Some who didn’t do it then have said they want another chance, so CAAV is sponsoring Massanutten Regional Solar Coop, which launches at the end of this month and will serve Harrisonburg and Rockingham, Shenandoah, and Page Counties.  What you may not know is CAAV is also working on Weatherize, an effort to bring energy efficiency and eventually, hopefully, solar to low and lower middle income people who want it.  We’re not alone in thinking this is important.

One more item on solar–utility solar, that is.

An overview of the effects of climate change, from Rolling Stone of all sources.  Warning:  This piece paints word pictures you will find disturbing.

These news items have been compiled by Joy Loving, member of the CAAV steering committee and leader of Solarize efforts in the valley.

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