Climate News Roundup 7/24/15

Let’s start with some not very good news from the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration as reported in Nation of Change by Anastasia Pantsios of Ecowatch.

TakePart’s associate editor for environment and wildlife Emily J. Gertz ​wrote in a July 22 article about new research by Dr. James Hansen.  The title is “Three Things to Know About That Terrifying New Climate Study…Science and politics are both in play as scientists warn of dire sea-level rise”.  Not yet peer-reviewed prior to its initial publication, the report has its critics….and its warnings.

And here’s The New Yorker’s Elizabeth Kolbert’s July 23rd take on the same Hansen report:

The Guardian’s John Abraham offered food for thought about the melting of Greenland’s ice sheet in a July 14th article.

At a time when many are pondering the possibility of nuclear war, the Guardian’s editors ga​ve us this headline:  “Climate Change Threat Must be Taken as Seriously as Nuclear War – UK Minister”.  Damian Carrington’s July 13 article tells us about a new report on climate change risks authored by experts from the US, UK, China, and India.

From the LA Times (via The Daily Climate) c​ame an article about the California legislature’s recently passed resolution supporting Pope Francis’ encyclical ​on
climate change.

Speaking of Pope Francis, a Mashable article told about some of the Pope’s activities following issuance of his encyclical (included in this week’s summaries in The Daily Climate).

Living on Earth, a radio program produced by PRI (Public Radio International), g​ave​ us a transcript of a July 17 show titled “Climate Change Fuels Wildfires”​.​

The Daily Breeze, a local California paper in Los Angeles’ South Bay Region, brought​
us this article:  “Hermosa Beach tackles climate change with a plan to go ‘carbon neutral'”.

Inside Climate News ​highlighted a July 17 story from The Globe and Mail about Canadian legislators reaching a deal on Canada’s Energy Strategy.

Inside Climate News point​ed​ us to a July 20 article by Arthur Nesland in The Guardian titled “Swamp power:  How the world’s wetlands can help stop climate change”

Ryan Koronowski, writing in Climate Progress on July 20, told​ us how the climate changed last year.

Also from Climate Progress ​is a July 22, report that mayors in Tehran and New Orleans have climate change in common.

The AP’s (Associated Press) Elaine Ganley gave​ a July 22 ​report of her interview of the UN climate chief about the Paris climate talks setting a 50-year agenda.

And speaking of Paris, Responding to Climate Change’s Ed King reported​ on July 23 about “the week that climate change diplomacy went into overdrive”.

Business Green had this July 24 article about Kenya’s pledge ​on climate change action:

Nature ran this article on July 21 titled “Quest for climate proof farms”, presenting a mixed picture.

In Australia an “expert says farms hold the key to absorbing carbon and fighting climate change.”

These news items have been compiled by Joy Loving, member of the CAAV steering committee and leader of Solarize efforts in the valley.

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