Public Weatherization Meeting Press Release

Press release March 17, 2015

Public Weatherization meeting planned for Thursday, March 26, at 7:00pm at Simms Center.

Low- to moderate-income households often have a hard time balancing the costs of high utility bills with other necessities like food and medical care, especially during winters as hard as the one we just had. Joni Grady of the Climate Action Alliance of the Valley has announced that the Weatherization H/R subcommittee is working with the NorthEast Neighborhood Association, Community Housing Partners (CHP) of Waynesboro, and other local groups to begin to address this problem.

Through the federally-funded Weatherization Assistance Program (WAP) administered by the Virginia Department of Housing and Development (DHCD), Community Housing Partners’ weatherization services reduce energy costs for families by improving the energy efficiency of their homes, while also looking for and eliminating related health and safety issues.

According to Bill Beachy, VP of the CHP Energy Solutions division, an audit team completes an on-site energy audit of a home that includes a blower-door air leakage test, heating system safety and efficiency check, duct leakage examination, and estimation of insulation needs. Following the energy audit, CHP’s weatherization team performs repairs and improvements to home heating and cooling systems and provides for the installation of energy-saving measures in the house, such as improved insulation and air sealing.

CHP’s weatherization services are for low-income families, particularly for households with elderly residents, individuals with disabilities, and families with children. Households are typically qualified based on income and recipients must be residents of the state of Virginia.

Meghan McMillen and Karen Vincent from the Waynesboro CHP office will explain the program at the public meeting Thursday evening, March 26th at 7:00. Karen Thomas, head of the NorthEast Neighborhood Association urges any residents who believe they might qualify to come to the Simms Center, 620 Simms Avenue, Harrisonburg, to learn about the program and how to apply for it.