Solarize Harrisonburg Makes The Breeze

Photo of Joy Loving by The Breeze photographer Matt Schmachtenberg at Solarize Harrisonburg’s table at the Farmers Market on October 4.

Robyn Smith, editor and journalist with JMU’s The Breeze, wrote a fine article about Solarize Harrisonburg which was posted online on Sunday, October 5 and appeared in the Monday, October 6, 2014, print edition. See the online version here: Solar Energy is a priority for the Climate Action Alliance.

The article features Solarize Harrisonburg’s local coordinator and CAAV steering committee member Joy Loving:

“Loving installed solar panels in her home back in 2012, which led to personal enlightenment, as well as a lightening of her electric bill. …

The more conscious Loving became of her own energy use, the more she turned against mainstream sources of energy.

‘I tell people I became like an ex-smoker who is very anti-cigarettes. I am now rabidly pro-solar. Most people do not enjoy getting their electric bills and I now enjoy getting mine, because I pay $8.40 a month [instead of the $100 a month pre-switch] for infrastructure costs,’ Loving said.”

Joy will be featured on WMRA’s The Spark with Martha Woodroof on Friday, October 10 at 6:20 PM: Joy and Sunshine. Find it at 90.7 FM on Friday evening or archived online after it airs.


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