CAAV at International Fest 2014

Letter signing at the International Fest.

The Climate Action Alliance of the Valley hosted a table at the Harrisonburg International Festival on September 27, 2014, in Hillandale Park. We featured a display board with a map and images of climate-related changes being realized by the friends and families of many Harrisonburg residents. We displayed the letter below to Senators Kaine and Warner and Representative Goodlatte and asked for signatures:

Dear Gentlemen:

Nations around the world, many of whom contribute very little CO₂ to the atmosphere, are already suffering from the impacts of human-caused climate change. Many immigrants from these countries live in our Harrisonburg community. We work with them, shop with them, share our lives with them, and so the destruction we read about is not abstract, it has a human face.

A 20-year forecast from Regional Economic Models, Inc. (REMI) found that a carbon fee rising $10 per ton each year would add 2.8 million jobs to the economy while cutting greenhouse gas emissions 52 percent below 1990 levels. It is no longer true that we must choose between the environment and the economy; the REMI study shows we can cut carbon emissions and improve our economy at the same time through a revenue-neutral carbon tax that gives the revenue back to households.

We the undersigned call upon the United States Senate, House of Representatives, and President Obama to work together to introduce, promote, and pass legislation that puts a price on carbon pollution and returns revenues directly to the American people.

We owe this action to ourselves, our grandchildren, and to all the people of this small world we share.

Senators Kaine and Warner and Representative Goodlatte were each sent a copy of this letter with some 75 signatures attached as collected at the International Fest.




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