Getting to the People’s Climate March

Click here to reserve your seat on the bus to New York City from JMU Memorial Hall, Harrisonburg!
Click here to reserve your seat on the bus to New York City from JMU Memorial Hall, Harrisonburg!

Hi all,

PCMballoonYou may remember that back in February of 2013 we filled two buses to travel from Harrisonburg to Washington, D.C. to participate in the Forward on Climate Rally. While the rally was a great success in that tens of thousands of people showed up on that frigid day, little has been done by the leaders of the world’s great powers to reverse the trajectory of climate change.

Five weeks from now on Sunday, September 21st, another march, which is being dubbed the “largest climate march in history,” takes place in New York City. It is being called the People’s Climate March and it will be held prior to the United Nations Climate Summit. President Obama and many other world leaders will be attending the summit. The climate march is intended to send the message: WE MUST ACT NOW!

Would you like to ride a bus to this event? As was the case with the Washington, D.C. rally, we plan to send some buses from Harrisonburg to NYC. How many people can we turn out? Last time we filled two buses. Could we do it again?

While the actual cost and logistics of the trip are still being worked out, we would like to gauge initial interest among those of you in the community who might be interested in participating. I can promise that the weather will not be as cold as it was at the DC rally. We will, once again, look for sponsors who can help subsidize the cost of the trip and make it affordable for families, students, those with low incomes, and any others who might not be able to afford the cost.

The estimated cost of the trip will be $40-50 per person for the round trip (less than that for those with limited income). The trip will most likely be one very full day of travel and protest as the logistics of organizing overnight housing in NYC would likely be prohibitive. To be clear, WE WILL GO AND COME BACK IN ONE DAY!

Once we make the final arrangements for the trip, I will send out another e-mail that details the specifics. Please email me using the contact form below to let me know if you would like further information. Once we have the cost nailed down, you will be able to reserve a seat on the bus by paying in advance. Please feel free to share this post with friends, family, co-workers or others whom you think might be interested. I look forward to hearing from you!

Many thanks,
Jeff Heie, Voluntary Gas Tax, and Ralph Grove, Sierra Club, Bus Captains
Laura Dansby, Climate Action Alliance of the Valley

August 12, 2014

Interested in taking a bus from Harrisonburg to the People’s Climate March in New York City? Let us know here:

Catch the bus to the pcm-march-with-orange-background-2-01

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