Climate Change: Evidence and Causes

CC. Evidence and CausesFrom Climate Change at the National Academies:                        “The US National Academy of Sciences and The Royal Society have released ‘Climate Change: Evidence & Causes,’ a new publication produced jointly by the two institutions. Written by a UK-US team of leading climate scientists and reviewed by climate scientists and others, the publication is intended as a brief, readable reference document for decision makers, policy makers, educators, and other individuals seeking authoritative information on the some of the questions that continue to be asked.

The publication makes clear what is well-established and where understanding is still developing. It echoes and builds upon the long history of climate-related work from both national academies, as well as on the newest climate-change assessment from the United Nations’ Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change. It touches on current areas of active debate and ongoing research, such as the link between ocean heat content and the rate of warming.”

The full booklet can be downloaded at no charge from the Climate Change at the National Academies website. Other options include viewing parts of the booklet or engaging in an interactive site based on the booklet. Hard copies may be purchased here as well.