Doug McNeall’s Blogroll

dougmcneallIn an article in the March 2014 issue of Nature Climate Change, climate scientist and statistician Doug McNeall of Hadley Centre in the UK mentioned a list of blogs on climate science written by climate scientists. It can be found at

The only two with which I am familiar are RealClimate by Gavin Schmidt and others (listed under “climate blogs from groups or institutions”), which I read regularly, and Climate Etc. by Judith Curry, which I read for a while, but gave up on because I found it to be light on climate science and high on opinion and politics.

A brief description of each blog is given in the list. I was surprised at how extensive the list is. Perhaps you will find one there that captures your fancy. If you do and would like to alert others on our email list about your experience with it, just send an email to contactcaav[at] and I’ll pass it on (perhaps after consolidation with others).

Les Grady
Chair, CAAV Steering Committee

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