March Visit to the Capitol

more from the National Academy of SciencesOn Wednesday, March 12, 2014, 6 CAAV members of the Legislation and Elections Committee (Cathy Strickler, Charles Strickler, Joy Loving, Bishop Dansby, Sallie Newkirk and Laura Dansby) went to Washington, D. C. and met with aides for Senators Kaine and Warner and Rep. Goodlatte. The overall purpose of our visit was to provide political will for a livable planet through education on the climate crisis. We talked specifically about a proposal (S. 332) introduced in 2013 that would put a price on carbon. Putting a price on carbon is the most cost effective and efficient method of slowing climate change (See Below for the main points). We left with each office the latest printed version of the National Academy of Sciences booklet on climate. The day was long but we all felt good about going and will follow up with letters of appreciation and education.

Carbon Tax Proposal-Whitehouse, Shatz, Waxman and Blumenauer:

1. The tax or fee should be applied upstream on carbon based fuels at the first point of sale.
No permits allowed because that leaves open the possibility of switching to a cap and trade system which creates complexity and non transparency.

2.The carbon tax legislation must include border adjustment tariffs to prevent American businesses from being placed at a competitive disadvantage. Countries without similar carbon prices would have a tariff imposed, along with refunds to businesses exporting to those country would keep a level playing field.

3. The tax should start at $35 per ton and increase at an annual rate of 8% per year per ton.

4. All revenue generated from the tax should be divided equally among individuals in the U.S. and return as monthly or annual payments. This protects low and middle income consumers and makes the bill truly revenue neutral. We must have Republican support.



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