Governor’s Commission on Climate Change Action Plan 2008

Kaine's Climate report 2008In 2007 Governor Kaine assembled a commission of over 3 dozen Virginians representing a broad spectrum of interests and areas of the state to develop guidelines to address climate change in Virginia.

According to the report, the group was asked to:

“1. Inventory the amount of and contributors to
Virginia’s greenhouse gas emissions, and
projections through 2025.
2. Evaluate expected impacts of climate change
on Virginia’s natural resources, the health of its citizens, and the economy, including the industries of agriculture, forestry, tourism, and insurance.
3. Identify what Virginia needs to do to prep are for the likely consequences of climate change.
4. Identify the actions … that need to be taken to achieve the 30% reduction goal of Commonwealth greenhouse gas emissions by 2025 set by the 2007 Virginia Energy Plan.
5. Identify climate change approaches being pursued by other states, regions, and the federal government.”

After a year of study and discussion, the commission’s report was issued in December 2008. A Virginia wetlands advocacy group Wetlands Watch out of Norfolk has ensured public access to this report after it was removed from the state Department of Environmental Quality’s website in 2012.

Commission member and Wetlands Watch executive director Skip Stiles summarized the commissions findings and recommendations here.

The entire report can be accessed here on the site maintained by Wetlands Watch.

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