Conservation Lobby Day 2013

Emmet Hanger2
Senator Emmet Hanger
Tony Wilt2
Delegate Tony Wilt

CAAV members, Laura and Bishop Dansby, paid visits to Representative Tony Wilt and Senator Emmett Hanger, Jr. in Richmond on Lobby Day, January 28, 2013. They asked for a NO vote on the lifting of the ban on uranium in Virginia and stressed the urgency of dealing with climate change and energy issues on both the state and national level.   Senator Hanger invited CAAV to make follow up appointments to further discuss these issues after the close of the session.

Virginia Capitol
Virginia Capitol

Lobby Day is a yearly event sponsored by the Virginia Conservation Network (VCN). “Representing 150 environmental, preservation and community organizations active throughout the commonwealth, …VCN is the nonprofit, nonpartisan voice of conservation in Virginia.”  VCN publishes a yearly Conservation Briefing Book distributed at their General Assembly Preview Workshop in December.

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