“Can Ethics and Faith Guide Our Responses to Climate Change?”

flaming chaliceA Panel Discussion on Tuesday, February 19th,     6:00 to 7:30 PM, at the Massanutten Regional Library

With guests speakers:

Ehsan Ahmed, secretary general of the Islamic Association of the Shenandoah Valley

Ross Erb, associate pastor of Parkview Mennonite Church

Ann Held, pastor of Trinity Presbyterian Church

Mark Piper, assistant professor in the JMU Department of Philosophy and Religion.

During 2012 alone the world saw floods in Japan, Fiji, Venice, the UK, Nigeria, Pakistan and more, drought in Russia, China, and North Korea. Sea levels are rising around the world, affecting the most heavily populated regions on earth. In the United States we have had not only the hottest year ever but our own terrible share of drought and floods and extremely strong storms. Millions of people have been impacted, losing their jobs, their homes, their food sources and even their lives. While our beautiful valley has not suffered that much so far, more severe climate change effects will arrive.  And, with increasing globalization, any disaster is felt around the world.

In the past, the Climate Action Alliance of the Valley has addressed the economic incentives of moving to alternative energy sources and building or retrofitting homes that are energy efficient.  On February 19th we will look beyond the dollars and cents and ask a panel to address the moral, ethical, and religious values that might also guide our choices in responding to climate change.

Please join us for this insightful presentation!

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